Unlock Your Dream Life: Overcome Self-Limitations with GLOW

Feeling that you're meant for more but unsure of where to begin?

Let me guide you towards achieving all that your heart yearns for.

With GLOW, embrace the opportunity to seize the life you've always wanted, breaking free from the barriers you've set for yourself.

Because I know that as a woman over 40, you’ve probably already tried:

Popular diet plans like keto or intermittent fasting for weight management.

Trendy exercise regimes such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or boutique fitness classes.

Self-improvement workshops or seminars promising quick life transformations.

Traditional talk therapy or counseling for emotional well-being.

Book clubs or social groups focused on personal growth and motivation.

Searched the internet for answers to your problems.

That’s exactly why I created the FREE
Manfesting Magic course

It’s the "secret" for women over 40 who want to change their life. If you're tired of the same-old, same-old thing day after day and know you're meant for more, this course is for you.

Inside the FREE Manifesting Magic course, you’ll:

Learn what manifestation is and is not. (It's not "positive thinking!")

Learn the science and spirituality behind the manifestation.

Learn how to create a manifestation mindset. (This is KEY!)

Learn powerful manifestation techniques that actually work.

Create your own personal manifestation plan to implement today.

You’ll never have to have that "stuck" feeling again because once you learn the techniques to manifestation magic, you’ll finally be able to:

Figure out what you REALLY want in life!

Manifest your hearts desires and have a fulfilling life.

Reduce your stress levels and feel at peace with your life decisions.

For FREE! Yes, FREE woman!

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Faith Achiaa

"Manifestation Magic to Flourish After 40" is a great course that guides you through turning intentions into reality and breaks down misconceptions about manifestation. I loved being able to listen while going about my daily business and I appreciate the printable resources. Turning 40 has been interesting, and I loved listening to Jenny break it ALL down.

Hey there, I’m Jenny

And I help women over 40 with getting the life of their dreams even if they don't think they're worthy, capable, or deserving.

As a certified Life Coach, I'll show you how to release your emotional blockages and step into a life you've always dreamed of. Everyone has things they desire, but knowing how to get them is sometimes difficult for women. It's not about more school, more money, or more of any one thing. It's about working on yourself from the inside out and I'll show you how to do it.

So, if you're ready to start manifesting your dream life like a boss, I'm ready to be your guide on this amazing journey.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you get when you join the
free course -
Manifesting Magic: The Journey Begins:

Module 1

Introduction to Manifestation

What is manifestation, what it is NOT and the science behind it. Plus, we'll look at the spirtual side of manifestation.

Module 2

Preparing for Manifestation

Learn how to get a manifestation mindset and why you have to have one to manifest the life you want.

Module 3

Implementing Manifestation Principles

Learn powerful techniques and craft your own manifestation plan.

And when you sign up today, you’ll also get these special bonuses:

Wheel of Life Workbook

Manifestation Goal Setting

Vision Board Template

So if today’s the day that you’ll finally stop procrasinating and start making decisions that will change your life for the better...

…then I’m ready to celebrate with you!

Grab the free course -
Manifesting Magic: Your Journey Begins!